How to Make Your Own Massage Oils?

Answer Massage oil is similar to body oil, with one important exception: glide. While body oil should absorb pretty quickly into the skin, massage oil should linger to allow the hands to glide smoothly ov... Read More »

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How to Make Decorative Massage Oils?

Nothing soothes aching muscles like a good massage and some relaxing massage oil. Massage oils can be scented or unscented to accommodate all preferences. They are a gentle, uplifting and sensual a... Read More »

How to Make Edible Massage Oils ?

Massage oils make a massage more enjoyable and they feel and smell wonderful. You can make your own massage oil that is not only pleasurable, but edible as well. If you plan on doing a bit of tas... Read More »

How to Make Body Lotions & Massage Oils?

You can easily make body lotions and massage lotions at home. Almost every kitchen has the necessary equipment and the ingredients are readily available. Producing your own lotion is also economica... Read More »

Different Massage Oils & Creams?

Many massages are administered with direct skin-to-skin contact, meaning the therapist places her hands directly on your bare flesh. To prevent uncomfortable friction and create a gliding stroke, a... Read More »