How to Make Your Own Map & Timeline of Ancient World Civilizations?

Answer If you have an interest in ancient history or are taking a history class, creating a map and a timeline are two fun and simple activities that you can do in your own home for schoolwork, extra cred... Read More »

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How to Write an Essay on World Civilizations from 1600 to 1800?

Writing an essay on world civilizations from 1600 to 1800 can cover a range of areas, both thematic and chronological. This period saw an explosion of ideas and technology and includes the French ... Read More »

Why are the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world called the Seven Ancient Wonders of the world?

The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World identifies the centuries-old list and distinguishes it from newer lists of “seven wonders,” such as the Great Wall of China. Herodotus first wrote of the ... Read More »

Ideas for World History Timeline Projects?

Timelines are an easy way to lay out information on how things change over time. A world history timeline can be a huge undertaking, depending on how much history you intend to include. You can cre... Read More »

Who had the best army ancient world?

Depends its a tricky question. Some argue that Alexanders army was the best. He mainly used the phalanx and hoplite system which was the best in the world at the time. I personally think Caesars ar... Read More »