How to Make Your Own Lesson Plans for Second Grade?

Answer Writing lesson plans can feel like a daunting task, but using an organized template can help you think more clearly and logically about the details of your lessons. Most lesson plans consist of an ... Read More »

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Second Grade Lesson Plans for Synonyms?

Teaching synonyms to second graders can be fun for the students and the teacher. Students can work with a partner or in a small group to rewrite stories or create web graphic organizers based on sy... Read More »

Six Traits for Second Grade Lesson Plans?

Teaching second grade students the art of writing requires creativity and a proven system. The Six Traits writing model helps educators teach elementary writing skills by helping children understan... Read More »

Six Traits for Writing Lesson Plans for the Second Grade?

Students starting second grade will find many challenges awaiting them. When writing lesson plans for them, teachers must develop assignments that build on their first-grade experiences while intro... Read More »

Lesson Plans for Teaching Second-Grade Math?

In second grade, children begin applying the basic math skills that they acquired in kindergarten and first grade to more complex math problems. While addition and subtraction are still a focus of ... Read More »