How to Make Your Own Jester Costume?

Answer As the kings' clowns, jesters are always ready to make people laugh. If you're attending a costume party or Mardi Gras celebration, or dressing up for Halloween, a jester costume is a great way to ... Read More »

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How to Make a Child's Jester Costume?

Make a jester costume for your child's Halloween party or school play. Although jester costumes are commercially available, making one yourself allows you to recycle shirts or pants you already hav... Read More »

How to Make a Balloon Jester Hat, Sword and Belt?

Kids love balloon sculptures such as hats, animals, wings and many others. These instructions will get you started on 3 different sculptures and are popular items at birthday parties. It is best to... Read More »

How to Draw a Manga Jester's Hat?

Manga is a cartoon-like art that first originated in ancient Japan. The manga artistic style involves the use of detail and color to create a comic that is more artistic than its predecessors. Draw... Read More »

What was a jester in medieval times?

A jester was a professional entertainer for kings and noblemen in medieval times. Court jesters read poetry, juggled and told jokes to amuse royalty. Jesters also had the rare freedom to mock lords... Read More »