How to Make Your Own Industrial Goth Goggles?

Answer Gothic fashion has been dragged into the light of mainstream culture and has evolved because of it. Efforts to maintain individuality and originality within the culture have led to the inclusion of... Read More »

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Where to get beer goggles or distortion goggles?

Found these:…Or this for a more comical (non functional) version:…

How to Make Spy Goggles?

This will show you how to make cheap but cool spy goggles.

Do you think its stupid to be emo or goth or at least dress like goth?

I think it is stupid for you to ask this question.

Am I a goth Could someone tell me what a goth is?

You don't really sound Goth to me. Goth is not a fashion statement (and there are many fashion styles within), but a lifestyle.Goth began as an art movement with darker styles, which evolved into a... Read More »