How to Make Your Own Games on a TI Calculator?

Answer Making your own games on your TI calculator is made much easier if you use a software development kit (SDK). With Texas Instrument's free SDK, you can develop TI calculator games without a TI calcu... Read More »

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How to Make & Program Games on a TI-83 Calculator?

You can take advantage of the TI-83's programming and graphing capability to make and program all types of games. Once you're done, you can share the game you create with others on one of the many... Read More »

How to Put Games on Your TI 83/84 Graphing Calculator?

A TI 83/84 can be your best friend when it comes to Pre-Calculus and Calculus. But, it can also be your best friend in those boring moments in life. How can this be? You can put games on your TI 83... Read More »

How to Access Games on Your Ti 83+ Calculator?

Have you ever been bored at home or school? Well now you can fix that! just follow these steps and you'll have hours of fun!P.S. You have to have games on your calculator first. If you don't know i... Read More »

How to Make Your Phone Number Pop Up on a Calculator?

Modern calculators are made to accomplish the unthinkable in terms of complex mathematical equations. But they are also equipped with simple arithmetic functions for everyday math. Using these comm... Read More »