How to Make Your Own Force Meter?

Answer Force meters measure the weights of different masses. You can make a force meter with a few household objects. This activity is useful in classroom and home school environments. Ask students to mak... Read More »

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How to Make Your Pet Toad Eat Its Food (Force Feeding)?

Swampy area where toads can be foundForce-feeding your pet toad will be a little hard, but if your pet toad isn't eating then these are the only options.

How to Use a Noise Meter in Your Classroom?

Noise meters are devices that measure the volume of sounds. There are precise noise meters that measure sound in decibels, as well as more generic noise meters that display less precise levels of v... Read More »

How to Check Your Air Flow Meter?

The air flow meter, or mass air flow sensor, measures the amount of air traveling through the air intake system. Since this air will eventually make its way into the engine's combustion chamber, th... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Love Meter?

Love meters, sometimes known as love calculators, are a popular diversion on the Internet. By typing the names of two people in, the meter can give a score as to how romantically compatible they ar... Read More »