How to Make Your Own Fingerprint Kit?

Answer No two people have the same set of fingerprints, which is why detectives collect fingerprints at crime scenes to use as identification tools. A clear set of fingerprints easily ties criminals to th... Read More »

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Why time Attendance fingerprint scanners can't take some employees fingerprint?

How to Make Fingerprint Powder?

No two people have matching fingerprints. Even identical twins, who may have very similar prints, have small differences that make each unique. The tips of our fingers have friction ridges on them ... Read More »

How to make a homemade fingerprint reader?

Identification kits which contain fingerprint cards can be purchased, but you can just as easily make them at home. With the homemade cards, you can include more information and even include a phot... Read More »

How to Make a 10-Print Fingerprint Card?

Anytime a person ends up in the law enforcement system, they are usually fingerprinted. It is also common for fingerprinting to be done when a job application is made or whenever a background check... Read More »