How to Make Your Own Fake Bellybutton Ring?

Answer Many of us would love to have a bellybutton ring to accentuate our stomachs, but either don't have the money or don't want the pain and upkeep it requires. A fake bellybutton ring made with a few ... Read More »

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How Can I Make A Fake Lip Ring Or Fake Tongue Ring?

LMAO why not just get it pierced it will eventually fall off and you will make a fool of yourself.

How to Change a Bellybutton Ring?

Bellybutton rings, just like other jewelry, come in many varieties, styles and designs; you don't have to stick with the same ring that you were pierced with forever. You can go to almost any jewel... Read More »

How to Make a Fake Lip Ring?

Ever wanted to get your lip pierced but don't want a permanent hole in your lip? Here's how to make a fake pain free lip ring!

How do you make a fake tongue ring?

You can't really make one. You can purchase some though. They're magnetic so you can't eat or drink with them.