How to Make Your Own Exhaust Flamer?

Answer If you've got flat black paint, steel wheels and a skull and crossbones anywhere on your car, than a flamethrower has your name written all over it. A traditional ignition-cut type is generally bes... Read More »

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How many points does a space marine flamer cost?

Points are different from codex to codex, but they tend to be between 5-8 points

How to Make Exhaust Pipes for an ATV?

Make your own exhaust pipes for an ATV and then route or reconfigure your engine accordingly. The project requires metal benders and decent quality steel piping. You can get as creative as you like... Read More »

How to Make an Exhaust Silent?

Exhaust noise is transferred to both nearby listeners and the vehicle's occupants through vibration. Vibration of the air through sound waves produces the noises experienced external to the vehicle... Read More »

How to Make a Cheap Exhaust Fix?

So if your exhaust ever falls off, it's generally good to pick up a few items to keep in your trunk, especially if you drive a beater, they're handy things to have anyway. All of these items can be... Read More »