How to Make Your Own Data Table for Kids?

Answer Data tables may seem like a strange item on your homework, but you use them more often than you realize. Your school report card, TV show schedules and sports scoreboards are all examples of data t... Read More »

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How to Create a Data Table for Kids?

When you are illustrating the concept of data tables to children, keep it simple. You don't want to overwhelm children with an overly complex table. Also, keep the observations or data they're reco... Read More »

How do you make a data table online to print?

The common way would be to use something like OpenOffice's Calc, or Microsoft Office's Excel - or perhaps leveraging a text document, such as a Microsoft Word document. You could also write the tab... Read More »

How do I convert Excel pivot table to data table?

Copying Your Pivot Table to the ClipboardPlace the mouse over the cell in the bottom right corner of your pivot table. Holding the left mouse button, move the mouse to the upper left cell in your p... Read More »

How would I make a double line graph and data table with Excel 2010 Help! 10 points?

See the tutorial here:…