How to Make Your Own Choli Bra?

Answer The choli is a shirt that exposes the back and midriff and is worn by practitioners of Indian dancing. The revealing blouse is secured with ties in the middle of the back and can cause a problem of... Read More »

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How to Wrap a Choli?

In India, and in other parts of the world, women accessorize their outfits with cholis. A choli is an Indian scarf that can be wrapped or worn a number of ways. A choli is made from a number of fab... Read More »

How to Dress in a Ghagra Choli (Indian Dress)?

A ghagra choli is an Indian outfit for ladies and girls. It can be made out of silk, cotton and sometimes polyester. However, dressing in one might, sometimes, seem hard for people who are first-ti... Read More »

In Kentucky can your parent make you give your baby up for adoption or make you have an abortion when your 14?

They can not. When it comes to pregnancy and adoption the minor have the same rights as an adult. Also, if you say no, the doctor will not do anything. Forcing you is illegal and in some states coe... Read More »

What's the best toothpaste to make your gums pink and make your teeth white?

Many toothpastes that claim to whiten the teeth do that to some extent. However, make sure you use one with the ADA (American Dental Association) approval. It is better not to use these over a prol... Read More »