How to Make Your Own Bass Drum Head?

Answer Making your own bass drum head is not quite as simple as buying a prefabricated one from a shop, but the unique sound a custom head provides will be worth the trouble. Goat and calf skin are best b... Read More »

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Can a bass drum trigger be plugged into a bass amp?

According to, most modern bass amplifier cabinets can support frequencies as low as 42Hz, and sometimes lower, which makes them perfect for running a bass drum trigger through.Refere... Read More »

What's your favourite drum head for the snare drum?

How to DJ Drum and Bass?

This article assumes that you have some basic DJ concepts down, i.e. beatmatching, cueing and mixing harmonics. There are plenty of places on the net you can pick up this info, but here we are goin... Read More »

How to Buy a Bass Drum?

The bass drum, also called a kick drum, is an integral part of any drum set. This drum, which is played through a foot pedal, provides the low frequency tones that anchor any style of drumming. Man... Read More »