How to Make Your Keyboard Like a Piano?

Answer For a fun way to make music on the Internet, try visiting websites that turn your computer keyboard into a piano. Using midi piano sounds and Flash animation, these websites enable you to play a vi... Read More »

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How to Make a Flash Piano Keyboard?

Turning your computer into a piano can not only save you the expense of buying a piano, but can also build your music composition skills. Designing a full-featured Flash piano keyboard will let you... Read More »

How to Learn the Piano Keyboard?

Learning the piano keyboard takes time. Simply looking at the instrument and memorizing where each key is located is not enough. Playing the piano helps to apply what you have learned and furthers ... Read More »

How to Unstick a Keyboard Piano That Won't Come Up?

Moisture is the bane of wooden pianos, and whether from a spilled soda or a damp climate, water can cause the wooden innards of a piano key to swell, making it stick when you try to play it. Fixing... Read More »

Piano vs. Keyboard Recording?

The recording of pianos and keyboards requires different recording approaches and techniques. Pianos are acoustic instruments and must be recorded with microphones connected to the recording device... Read More »