How to Make Your Hands Longer?

Answer While there is no way to physically make your hands longer, there are a few techniques and ideas that you can employ to create the illusion that they are not as short as they are. It may seem relat... Read More »

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If you place your hands palm to palm. Do you find your fingers to be longer in one hand?

yes ~all of themsee~……quite an interesting subjectenjoy the day

If your hands become tingly like the feeling their asleep and your hands are cold does this mean?

Jessica, go see your doctor, as soon as you can. I'm serious. Don't let this go. Your life could hang in the balance. I know I am no doctor. But, I have heart problems. Your symptoms are way too fa... Read More »

How to Make the Top of Your Finger Vanish, While Keeping Your Hands Apart?

How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster and Keep Your Hands Soft?

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