How to Make Your Hair Grow With Eggs?

Answer Learn how to make your hair grow with eggs by following this simple recipe for an egg yolk and flaxseed oil hair mask. Egg yolks contains a lot of powerful nutrients and protein to make hair thick,... Read More »

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Can washing your hair with eggs help your hair grow?

yesTRY THISNatural homemade tips - hot oil massages on hair.Hot Oil massages with Egg & HoneyOh yeh! This is really a cute mix to do a hot oil head massage. This will give a new life to brittle hai... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Smooth and Shiny with Milk and Eggs?

Would you like your hair to be smooth and shiny? Read on to find out how to make a nourishing and smoothing formula to make your hair shiny, and not damage it like most commercial products will!

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer with Biotin for hair?

Using Biotin to grow hair longer is an effective way for results. You can add a few extra inches to hair each month and build your hair volume drastically. Always make sure your hair has natural oi... Read More »

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster With Massage?

Massage is good for any part of the body, as it aids in blood flow and circulation. When you give yourself a soothing nightly bedtime scalp massage it helps to make your hair grow faster and health... Read More »