How to Make Your Face Less Red & Puffy After Crying?

Answer It's going to happen at some point: You're sitting there, having yourself a good cry due to (insert emotional drama here), and you have to compose yourself to meet with someone who you'd prefer not... Read More »

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My eyes are really puffy from crying. How can I make the swelling go down quickly?

a cold damp cloth helps....actually just rest it light on your face and breath slowly, it will also help you to compose yourself.

How to Prevent Puffy Eyes After Crying?

Crying can be a terrific emotional release, and sometimes you just can't stop it from happening. Crying, however, can lead to puffy eyes. This is uncomfortable and unattractive, and can be a proble... Read More »

Can not crying cause puffy swollen eyelids?

On One Hand: Crying is the CauseIt's crying, rather than not crying, that can cause swollen, puffy eyelids. The main contributor is the salt in your tears, according to The sk... Read More »

My face looks puffy a lot. How can I stop it from looking puffy?

Puffiness can be a sign of dehydration, because the body starts to retain water when the body sense that it is not getting enough. Drinking more water in this case could remedy this. Puffiness is a... Read More »