How to Make Your Eyes pop Like Jennifer Aniston's?

Answer The sparkle in Jennifer Aniston's eyes may come from her great personality and superstar magnetism, but it's also accented by flawless eye makeup that makes her peepers pop. If you want to make you... Read More »

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What is Jennifer Anistons hobbies?

If you cross your eyes.....Can your eyes really get stuck like that forever?

no, there are muscles that bring your eyes back to have to hold them crosseyed, if you relax them they go right back to normal.saying theyl get stuck that way is just a way for moms to k... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Look Like They Are Bleeding?

This is for Halloween touches on your costume or just to pull a prank on your friends.

How to Make It Look Like You Have Bags Under Your Eyes?

Changing your clothes is an easy way to change how you look, but sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes you need to change the appearance of your face, to change your disposition or age. While cha... Read More »