How to Make Your Eyes Stand Out?

Answer You may not have been born with big eyes or the thickest eyelashes, but simple makeup techniques will make anyone's eyes stand out. Your eye shape determines which makeup tricks will create the mos... Read More »

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How can I make my eyes stand out?

Sound really pretty!Curl your lashes, makes your eyes look so much more awake and big! :DMascara I use a shimmery/white eyeshadow (just a bit) and put it in the inner corner of my eyes and along th... Read More »

How to Make Blue Eyes Stand Out?

We all love to accent our favorite features whether it be our hair, lips, eyes or all three. No matter what color eyes you have, becoming aware of some simple techniques and making adjustments to ... Read More »

How to Make Small Eyes Stand Out?

Having smaller set eyes may seem like a setback for some, for others it is an opportunity. Smaller eyes can get away with grander shows of colors than larger eyes can. Many celebrities have smaller... Read More »

How to Make Brown Eyes Stand Out?

Like any other eye color, in order to make brown eyes stand out, it’s imperative that you put some work into it. Certain colors that look great on light blue or green eyes won’t necessarily loo... Read More »