How to Make Your Eye Crease Look Higher?

Answer Manipulate the location of your eye crease, or at least the appearance of it, with makeup. Regardless of your eye shape or color, you can get a wider eye look with the proper makeup application rat... Read More »

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How to Make Your Cheekbones Look Higher?

This article will help you to look as if you have higher cheekbones. If you already have high cheekbones it will highlight them making them stand out more.

How to Make Cheekbones Look Higher?

Makeup application is both a skill and an art. A touch of the perfect blush color applied with the correct brush can make cheekbones look higher in a matter of seconds. The right color for your che... Read More »

How to Make a Ceiling Look Higher?

Low ceilings are often found in modern homes. If you have a low ceiling that is making you feel a little cramped and closed in, here are some simple decorating tricks to make the ceiling feel less ... Read More »

How to Make Cheek Bones Look Higher?

Women everywhere are envious of people with high cheekbones. Women blessed with high cheekbones are often considered beautiful and exotic. Capturing the look that graces fashion runways from New Y... Read More »