How to Make Your Exhaust Sound Really Loud?

Answer Many car owners use their vehicles to express their individuality and personality. Modifying your exhaust to sound really loud is one form of expression while behind the wheel of a car and it can ... Read More »

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How to Make Your Exhaust Sound Deep on a V-6?

The size of your V-6 engine is the greatest single influence on exhaust resonance. The volume of space the engine displaces determines the actual volume of the exhaust gas output which passes throu... Read More »

There's a small round device on my ceiling that's making a REALLY loud, piercing beeping sound?

Personally, when that happens at my house, we pull said device down, take it outside and throw it as far as possible. Current record held by my 16yo: 112 feet 5 inches

You hooked your laptop to your stereo via headphone plug to headphone plug with a cord and its really quiet how do you make it loud?

Well unless you actually put them into the electric or music source afterdrying them, they should be working still, otherwise they're dead, or if you see any cuts in the wire, then the wire needs r... Read More »

Why Does My Kenmore Dryer Make a Loud Thumping Sound?

Kenmore dryers may be known for many things, including moisture and temperature sensors, a large capacity drum, wrinkle guard features, electronic control panels, available delay start, and tempera... Read More »