How to Make Your Dreads Tighter?

Answer On a day-to-day basis, dreadlocks do not require a lot of maintenance. Periodically though, dreads can become loose from washing or because of ongoing hair growth. Tightening dreadlocks is not a di... Read More »

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How to Tie A Shirt To Make It Tighter?

Tightening a shirt is a popular look for teens. Here's an easy way to do it:

How to Make Your Sunglasses Fit Tighter?

Unlike eye glasses, sunglasses are not fitted to our face unless they are prescription. Instead, most sunglasses are designed to fit the average face width. Sunglasses should fit snugly on your fac... Read More »

How to Make Your Jeans Tighter?

Hooray for tight jeans!What do Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and Madonna have in common? They’ve all worn their jeans tight at one time or another! Whether to keep up with the fas... Read More »

How do i make skinny jeans tighter?

Hot Wash & DryWash your skinny jeans in hot water. Dry the jeans an extremely long time at high heat. Preshrunk jeans will not shrink noticeably. Heat does not shrink these clothes as much as the m... Read More »