How to Make Your Credit Rating Higher?

Answer If you forget to make a payment to your credit card company or a defaulted debt you owe ends up with a collection agency, that negative information will subsequently appear on your credit report. Y... Read More »

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What is the highest rating you can get on a credit rating?

The FICO credit score ranges from 300 to 850, with 850 being the highest possible score. The FICO score, calculated by the algorithm created by the Fair Isaac Corporation, is the most widely used c... Read More »

Does higher ohm rating mean louder headphones?

you can tell its a speaker if its a box or shell, and one end has a grate or mesh covering, there will be a wire coming out of the side opposite to the grill. this wire needs to be plugged into you... Read More »

Why would there be duct modifications when going to a higher seer rating A/C?

Duct is designed based on CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air the equipment generates. Depending on the CFM you need to increase or decrease the size of the duct. Now if the duct was already too lar... Read More »

Does it hurt a credit rating to cancel a paid off credit card?

Closing a paid off credit card can lower your credit score because that card will no longer report that you are on time with your payments each month. In addition, it will increase the percentage o... Read More »