How to Make Your Cell Receive Calls From Other Phones?

Answer When an individual must leave his home while waiting for an important phone call, having the ability to forward incoming calls to a cell phone eliminates the possibility of missing the call. Dialin... Read More »

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How much does it cost to receive international phone calls on cell phones?

There is no additional charge to receive an international call on your cell phone as long as you are within your service area. If you are roaming outside of the U.S. your carrier may charge as much... Read More »

How to Make Calls to Cell Phones Online?

Perhaps you need to call someone's cell phone, but you have misplaced your phone. Maybe you just don't want to use up your minutes on your mobile plan. Whatever the case, there are ways to make ine... Read More »

Can I receive collect calls on a cell phone?

Many major brands, including AT&T, allow you to receive collect calls on a cell phone. Service providers vary, so check with your service provider to obtain their policy before attempting to receiv... Read More »

Can restricted calls from cell phones be traced?

It may be possible to trace a restricted phone call on your cell phone by calling the cell phone service provider and supplying the representative with information on the call. This means keeping t... Read More »