How to Make Your Career Happen?

Answer You cannot always change circumstances that prevent you from taking the paths you want in life. However, you can be as prepared and as determined as circumstances will allow to achieve your goals. ... Read More »

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Your 15 and you are reasonably good at photography you want to take it up as a career but to make a bit of money now you want to sell some pictures how much should you charge?

You sound like a very enterprising young person. It will depend on the market, won't it? Say that you insist on charging $50 for a photograph because someone here told you to, but no one will pay i... Read More »

Ok your at the library keeping an eye on your 10 year old little brother your parents are trusting you 2 not let anything happen to him what do you do Do you panic and try to find him or stay com?

Answer You left something out, but I'm assuming you were trying to say that you lost sight of him or he wandered off. Hopefully by the time you wrote this question, he had been found and is safe. T... Read More »

When it comes to a career, do you follow your heart or your head?

Your heart, you don't want to end up with a career that you hate, you shoould love your job. I'm sure there a jobs where you would earn the same in the hospitality industry as you would as a pastry... Read More »

How to Use Your Summer Job to Acquire Skills to Advance Your Possible Career?

Summer jobs are a great way to learn skills that you can use when you get even better jobs in the future and use these experiences in future job interviews. Here are skills that you can use for a f... Read More »