How to Make Your Car Have More Horsepower?

Answer Most automobiles today come with specific and limited horsepower specifications. Unless you opt for a higher-performance engine from the dealer as an option, which can be very expensive, you will h... Read More »

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How to Make More Horsepower With Your Cylinder Heads?

Cylinder heads hold all the cards when it comes to making power. They determine how much air flows into and out of a vehicle's engine -- and making more power is a matter of increasing air flow.

How to Get More Horsepower Out of Your Engine?

Factory engines, whether made for a car, motorcycle, boat or ATV, are produced with some restrictions to the horsepower. The main cause for the horsepower restrictions are the company's having to m... Read More »

Adding Water Spray to the Intake to Make More Horsepower?

Engines make power by burning fuel in the presence of compressed oxygen. If injecting water to increase horsepower seems a little counterintuitive, it's because the water itself cannot make power. ... Read More »

If you have owned more than one make of car in your life.....?

My favorite is 1996 Honda Civic. Its my favorite because we just purchased it for our 16yo daughter...something my parents were never able to do for me.