How to Make Your Belly Smaller?

Answer Reducing the size of your belly benefits your health. Having excess belly fat puts you at an increased risk for diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. To make you... Read More »

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How to Make Your Belly Ring Hole Smaller?

Belly-ring holes can be unattractive when they become large and stretched out after wearing heavy belly-button rings. Luckily, skin is elastic and it is possible for healthy skin to retract and reg... Read More »

If you are pregnant is it normal for your stomach to be soft above your belly button but hard under your belly button down to your private area?

It would depend upon how far you are into your pregnancy. The uterus will slowly grow in size and that is the hardness that you are feeling. As the uterus grows larger it will move further up into ... Read More »

At 12 weeks does your belly start to get hard under your belly button?

Answer I'm 11 weeks pregnant and my belly button has started to get firmer. My belly is also firmer and fuller, which is normal. My belly button is also a bit sore at times...I think this is beca... Read More »

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