How to Make Your Armpits White?

Answer There is no need to go through life, wearing long-sleeved shirts or holding your arms closely to your body, in an effort to hide your dark armpits. Dark underarms are commonly caused by frequent sh... Read More »

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How to Keep Your Armpits White?

Whenever you shave or wax your armpit hairs, you expose the underarm area to trauma, which triggers darkening of the skin in and around the armpit. Improper hygiene and buildup of dead skin cells a... Read More »

How to Make Your Armpits Smooth?

If you are a swimmer, you may want to remove your body hair, including underarm hair, to reduce friction in the water. You may also want to remove underarm hair for cosmetic or hygienic reasons. T... Read More »

Does physical sweat make your hair grow faster Like your armpits?

There are some good herbal oil such as argan oil and hair care products on the market that will make your hair grow faster. I am a hairstylist (for 9 years) and it is possible to make your hair gr... Read More »

How do I get the ring-around-the-collar off my white dress shirt and make it white again?

soak the shirt in chlorox bleach for 20 minutes in your washing maching, about a half a cup, then continue washing.