How to Make Yeast for the Production of Saki?

Answer Sak is a rice wine first brewed in China around 4,800 B.C., later becoming the national beverage of Japan. This clear "drink of the gods" can be served heated or chilled and can be used to mix cock... Read More »

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Who is "Saki Billah" ?

Saki Billah is a Scientist mainly in Bangladesh and as the same time he writes story, poems, novel, drama. He also writes song lyrics and he develops Bengali user interface of Greenstone open sourc... Read More »

What is a saki bomb?

A saki bomb is a mixed drink that is made with beer and saki (also spelled sake). To create a drink, a shot glass full of saki is dropped into about a half pint of beer and quickly imbibed.Source:F... Read More »

How to Cosplay as Saki Hanajima?

Wanna be like Saki Hanajima from Fruits Basket!! Here are some tips!!

Why don't they make SED tv's go into production?

SEDs never became commercially viable and most work on them (and FEDs) has stopped in favor of LCD TVs. I think that's a shame, as they had real promise. But apparently, LCDs are "good enough" for ... Read More »