How to Make XP Pro Take Updates?

Answer Because new threats appear every day to computers running Windows XP Professional, Microsoft employs a service known as Windows Update. Windows Update downloads updates to Windows XP Professional's... Read More »

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Why do computers need to restart for updates to take effect?

Because the updated file needs to be registered by the system files which will require termination of their processes which will end up in a 'system instability'.The computer prevents this by resta... Read More »

How to Fix and Reset Utilities With Windows Updates & Automatic Updates?

The utilities on your Windows computer rely on drivers and software to perform properly. When the utilities on your computer aren't performing properly, you probably need to update the software to ... Read More »

Do BIOS updates include all previous updates?

The job of a BIOS update is to improve or eradicate all known bugs since the last BIOS version available within the motherboard. As such, all previous updates remain intact or the newest update twe... Read More »

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