How to Make White Goat's Milk Soap?

Answer Goat's milk is extremely hydrating, and when it is incorporated into handmade soap it produces a rich, emollient lather that both cleanses and moisturizes the skin. Goat's milk can often be found a... Read More »

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What Causes White Ash on Goat's Milk Soap?

Using your own handmade goat's milk soap in place of a commercially manufactured bar purchased at the grocery store holds several benefits to the health of your skin. Milk in general contains anima... Read More »

What is missing from soya milk to make less white than pasteurised cows milk?

Could it be the sugar content of milk. Seeing as cows eat grass, it contains a sugar called Lactose. Lactose is not present in soy milk.Edit: However it would seem that Casein which is rich in c... Read More »

How to Make Goat Milk Soap?

Homemade goat milk soap can be some of the most luxurious soap you'll ever use. Making goat milk soap at home can also save you money and give you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what goes int... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Milk-Based Soap?

Making your own soap is useful and fun. You can make it just the way you like it and keep it for yourself, or you can make up special batches to give to your family and friends. One of the most pop... Read More »