How to Make Watering Easy With a Pop-Up Sprinkler?

Answer Sprinkler systems are very useful for covering a large amount of grass with water, but the type of sprinkler head you choose is equally important. Some sprinkler systems have impact or rotor heads ... Read More »

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Will watering a plant twice a day make it grow more than watering it once a day?

Answer It depends on the plant - some plants it would make no difference, some would appreciate the extra water, and some might even have trouble with it!

How to Make a Bottle Watering Can?

Watering cans aren't always the cheapest item at the garden center and using pails (buckets) to water your more delicate plants can be too much water for them, causing them to bend and even break. ... Read More »

How to Make a Fountain With Watering Cans?

Eclectic outdoor fountains add a touch of whimsy and charm to your landscaping. You can make your own tiered, cascading fountain with watering cans and a terra cotta planter. Select watering cans w... Read More »

How do I make an automatic self watering container?

MaterialsPurchase two plastic, water-tight buckets, a 24-inch section of 2-inch PVC pipe, a bag of high quality potting soil and a roll of landscape fabric. Locate an electric drill with a 1/4-inch... Read More »