How to Make Vegetable Powders?

Answer You can use vegetable powders to:Tuck more nutrition and flavor into the things you cook.Provide value-added thickening for soups (as opposed to using wheat flour or cornstarch for this job).Stretc... Read More »

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What powders can i add to drinks to make me taller?

you can but it is not that easy. i heard they do it for about 6000 dollars

How to Mix Glitter With Acrylic Powders?

Making your own nail polish by mixing glitter with acrylic powders is economical and fun. By following a simple formula and mixing the two bases together, you can create eye-catching fingernail sty... Read More »

What is the difference between powders&crystals?

Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that are sometimes grounded into powders for various uses. Crystals have a defined structure while powders do not.CrystalsCrystals are naturally occurring ... Read More »

Do protein powders work?

On One Hand: Quick DigestionConsuming proteins in powder form decrease the time it takes the protein to reach the muscles. When protein is consumed in solid form, acids in the digestive system have... Read More »