How to Make Vegetable Hair Dye?

Answer Using vegetable hair dye is a safe, non-toxic way to play with your hair color. It's especially suited to pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems, and anyone who is concerned with avo... Read More »

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What Is Vegetable Hair Dye?

Vegetable hair dye is a safer alternative method compared to a regular hair dye product because it does not contain harsh chemicals.. This is a plus for people who are allergic to different chemica... Read More »

Why Is Vegetable Oil Bad For Your Hair?

Vegetable oil isn't bad at all! There are many, many much better oils (ones with more vitamins and nutrients) but vegetable oil is satisfactory for an oil.I do suggest going with Olive Oil though i... Read More »

Is vegetable oil good for your hair?

hi there vegetable oil should not be used in ur hair! in case i have written oils that can be good for your hair i hope i helped!!There are two types of oils that can be beneficial for your hair. T... Read More »

Vegetable Hair Dye Safety?

Vegetable hair dye, also known as vegetable-based rinses, provide a safe and subtle way to kick up your natural color. Your hair is not damaged because vegetable-based dye does not contain the ammo... Read More »