How to Make Up Your Own Star Constellation?

Answer A night sky, perfect for stargazing.Making up your own constellations is fun. It can also greatly increase your creativity. This article will teach you how to make up your very own star constellati... Read More »

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Which would ordinarily be the name of the brightest star in a constellation?

The University of Illinois Astronomy Department states that the brightest star in a constellation is called the luminary. Constellation brightness is designated by Greek letters with alpha for the ... Read More »

How to Make Up Your Own Constellation?

Constellations are groupings of stars. Ancient people saw that some groupings seemed to form a shape. Constellations like Orion, the Big Dipper and Taurus are well-known. Many cultures created thei... Read More »

What stars make up the constellation Cancer?

The most noticeable star cluster in the constellation of Cancer, "the crab," is Praesepe, which forms the breast of the crab shape. Two other distinct stars are North and South Aselli, which form t... Read More »

How to Make a Constellation Viewer With a Plastic Drink Bottle & Black Paper?

Many children have a fascination with space. They love looking at the night sky and imagining other planets, thinking about what they look like and wondering whether there is life on them. Parents ... Read More »