How to Make Toilet Tanks Smell Good?

Answer Since standing water is always present in your toilet tank, the water can sometimes form an odor. Whether you have a musty smell from mildew growth, a sulfur smell from a hard water issue, or any s... Read More »

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Are toilet tanks interchangeable?

Toilet tanks are not necessarily interchangeable. Because manufacturers make tanks in different sizes, your replacement tank may not cover the area of your old unit. Over the past several decades, ... Read More »

How do I make a car smell good?

Remove Trash and VacuumRemove all trash and garbage from your vehicle. Take out the floor mats. Vacuum the entire inside of your car. Clean in between the seats. Vacuum the dust on the dashboard an... Read More »

How to Make Your Car Smell Good?

A car that smells good is one that is regularly kept clean and has a little added attention, such as a fragrance or scent of choice. The result is rewarding for you, and anyone who you give a ride ... Read More »

I've run out of toilet paper. What would make a good alternative?

News of the world - may result in black stains round your bumPillowcase - may be difficult to control wiping since most of it would flap around in the loo and soak up your poo and water in the bowl... Read More »