How to Make Tie Knots?

Answer A tie knot, or Windsor knot, is a classic and often-used knot. This knot makes a necktie look neat and professional; and the ability to tie one should be in everyone's repertoire. Men and women can... Read More »

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How to Make Knots on Waxed Thread?

Waxed thread, sometimes known as waxed cord, is primarily used for jewelry making and other craft projects. The thread is made out of cotton and coated with wax to give it more heft and stability. ... Read More »

How to Make Rope Slip Knots?

Slip knots are a good first knot to learn because they are so simple. Although not good for permanently securing something large and heavy, they are perfect for tying down something that you need t... Read More »

How do i make fleece blankets with knots?

The Right FleeceSelect two pieces of polar fleece, each 2 yards long. One piece will be for the top of the blanket, and the other for the underside. These pieces can be of the same print or a diffe... Read More »

How to Make Hemp Jewelry Knots?

One of the simplest and most popular applications of macrame crafting is the creation of woven hemp necklaces. Though popularized today by the "surfer" necklaces made of hemp and sea shells, hemp n... Read More »