How to Make Things Transparent in Paint.NET?

Answer Though not listed with the other tools in Paint.NET's "Effects" menu, you can manipulate the program's "Layer Properties" menu to achieve a variety of image effects. By tweaking the "Opacity" optio... Read More »

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Which is more transparent: transparent polymer clay or liquid resin?

Although both options are extremely transparent when dry, transparent polymer clay is usually somewhat clearer. This is because liquid resin can sometimes take on an unwanted yellow tinge, especial... Read More »

Make iframe transparent?

I see that you have got both the DOCTYPE and the style="background: transparent;" resolved.But I would suggest you also add in the Meta tags for Keywords and Description of your site.You also seem ... Read More »

How to Make a Transparent iFrame?

An iFrame is used to insert one HTML page into another. This is done with the iFrame tag, which will load up an external HTML page and place it inside of your existing one. This can be useful if yo... Read More »

How to Make Paper Transparent?

Stained glass projects captivate children and cheer up drab windows. While there are many choices for readymade kits on the market, they can be expensive. Plus, plastic may not be the best choice f... Read More »