How to Make Thin Lips Appear Larger?

Answer You don't have to endure plastic surgery to have fuller-looking lips. Lip plumping surgeries such as silicone injections can take time to heal and don't always turn out perfectly. Simple lip makeup... Read More »

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How to Use Makeup to Make Eyes and Lips Appear Larger?

Long ago, having lush, full lips and big, doe like eyes was a sign of fertility in a woman. Today, having big lips and eyes is still very favorable, yet not all of us are blessed with them. This ar... Read More »

How to Make Thin Lips Appear Fuller?

You look in the mirror and you know something just doesn't look right. It is an unfortunate fate for a pretty girl, but you may suffer from thin lips. Although at times this may seem tragic, in rea... Read More »

How to make my eyes appear larger?

I think they look absolutely fine! I kinda find almond-shaped eyes hot, but if you're not satisfied with that, you can try these two suggestions, almost all using some kind of makeup. Plastic surge... Read More »

How to Make a Small Apartment Appear Larger?

Have you ever felt that your apartment is too small? Or perhaps just smaller than you’d like? There’s no need to feel cramped – there are many tactics you can use to make a small apartment fe... Read More »