How to Make Thai Tea With Boba?

Answer Thai tea is simple to make and requires few ingredients. There are no hard and fast rules for making Thai tea, as it basically consists of whatever spices, fruits or sweetening ingredients you wish... Read More »

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How to make Milk Tea with or without Boba pearls?

Pour some evaporated milk in hot brewed tea(Lipton tea is fine)with sugar. You can alter the thickness according to the amount you added in, Some like it thick, it's up to u. Another milk to make m... Read More »

Is boba from boba tea (bubble tea) good for you?

I like bubble tea myself and decided to take a look after reading your question. From what I've found the anwser is a big NO. The boba itself is nothing but balls of black tapioca. I found an ebay ... Read More »

Do Thai people that work at Thai restaurants eat Thai food every day?

It would suck, because Thai peanut sauce is not good.

How to Make Thai Pomelo Salad With Grilled Prawns?

This is an absolutely delicious salad! Freshness exudes here and your palate won't know what to do with all the exciting flavors exploding in your mouth! Enjoy!The pomelo looks like a thick-skinned... Read More »