How to Make Text Sparkle in After Effects?

Answer A simple text animation like a sparkle can make your text look professional, 3D and add depth to any project. Whether you want to use it for an introduction logo, subtitles or a novelty effect like... Read More »

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How to make the text move in After Effects CS4?

There are several websites that supply tips, tricks, and tutorials on the use of Adobe's After Effects application. And a quick search using Google will usually turn up what you are looking for, a... Read More »

Cool Text Effects in After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is film production software that allows users to create motion graphics and visual effects. Text effects and animations offered by the program include over 500 pre-designed text... Read More »

After Effects: Text Animation Help?

Don't confuse yourself mate,you have to set a keyframe of the position and rotation of the text layer at the last when you want the text should stop animating..!!I suggest you to se some tutorials.... Read More »

How to Make Awesome Lighting Effects in Adobe After Effects?

As a filmmaker, you an spice up an action sequence by adding an awesome lightning effect around your character. Adobe After Effects is editing software that is designed to do just that, among many ... Read More »