How to Make Tapa Cloth From Paper Sacks?

Answer African art and textiles are usually very colorful and expressive. An example of this is the Tapa cloth. Tapa cloth is a paper from South Africa that is made from mulberry bark and the inner bark o... Read More »

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How to Make Tapa?

Tapa is a more dried, more primitive version of the Filipino Tocino. here are the instructions.

How to Create Old Paper or Cloth Textures With Photobie?

A quality graphic program will allow you to do many things with it. One of the many things that Photobie will do is allow you to create textures to use in a variety of ways.

How to Make Paper Beads With Stickyback Paper and Normal Paper?

You know those paper bead sets? Well this is how to make them without a fancy kit and tools.

How to Make a Cloth Kite?

Kites have been one of the simplest, yet most enduring playthings through the centuries. Many cultures enjoy flying kites, ranging from simple diamond kites to massive flying sculptures. Kite festi... Read More »