How to Make Symbols With Your Keyboard With the Alt Key?

Answer If you're typing in a foreign language, solving complex math problems or just adding some stylistic intrigue to a document, you may need to insert special symbols. Your computer is capable of makin... Read More »

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Can you make pictures with keyboard symbols?

How to Insert Symbols Above Letters With the Keyboard?

Many different symbols are shown above the number keys on the keyboard, but far more are not, requiring users to know where to find them and how to insert them into their documents. Some common sym... Read More »

How to make symbols with your ur computer!?

Hello,Look up Character Map in Windows (Start > Accessories > System Tools). Or try ASCII, press Alt followed by two or three digits on your numpad.Does that help?Thanks,Ian

How to make hearts with your keyboard?

Could open your Character Map in Windows and select different fonts which gives you different symbols. To open "Character Map", go to All Programs-Accesories-System Tools-Character Map. Not all sys... Read More »