How to Make Sure My Website Content Is Written at a 6th Grade Reading Level?

Answer According to a 1994 study in "Pediatrics," 80 percent of parents cannot read above a seventh- or eighth-grade reading level. There are guidelines you can follow to make sure that the content of you... Read More »

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What is the typical reading level at the end of 1st grade?

Progress is dramatic from the beginning of the year to the end. Early on, first graders grasp the relationship between letters and sounds and recognize some words by sight. By the end, they can spe... Read More »

Funny Fourth Grade Reading Level Stories?

As teachers work to develop strong readers, they must strive to help students avoid frustration and become confident readers. Fourth grade students enjoy humorous books. Children of this age level ... Read More »

What Books Are Fourth-Grade Reading Level?

If you have a child in elementary school, you may be asking what books are fourth-grade reading level. Around fourth grade children will begin reading for pleasure, not just because it is a school ... Read More »

How to Test Spelling and Reading to Find Grade Point Level?

Determining a child's spelling and reading grade level is a helpful assessment for both teachers and parents. Gaining an understanding of a student's abilities allows educators to provide appropria... Read More »