How to Make Sure IncrediMail Is My Default?

Answer If you have IncrediMail installed on your computer and it is not the program that opens when you click an email address while browsing the Web, your computer has another program configured as its d... Read More »

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I have the new incredimail 2, where can i find some new skins apart from the incredimail site?

I have the same question, that's why I'll gve u a star, oping that someone will answer.

Why does the internet make you put the letters you see to make sure your not a robot?

Those are to prevent viruses and automated programs (robots) from accessing website and personal data. The letters/numbers within the boxes cannot be read as text by the computer, but are contained... Read More »

Is a default gateway the same as a default router?

In computer network terminology, the terms default gateway and default router have the same meaning. When a computer needs to send data onto a network, it sends the data via a connection associated... Read More »

How can I make sure insurance companies make the profits they so richly deserve when I seek medical care?

Just make sure that you have to get lots of referrals. Make sure that you have lots of different ailments, so that you have to go to your Primary Care Provider every time you need a referral for a... Read More »