How to Make Stuff Out of Pillow Cases?

Answer Pillowcases are an inexpensive item that can be turned into all new useful items will a little bit of cutting and stitching. Recycle pillowcases that are collecting dust in the back of your linen c... Read More »

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How to Make Pillow Cases?

Decorative pillow cases can make a huge difference in a bedroom. It can turn a basic dorm into a chic and modern bedroom. Pillowcases themselves are relatively easy to make. Follow this wikiHow to ... Read More »

How to Customize Pillow Cases?

You can alter the decor in your home with a few simple steps. Customize your pillowcases to add a personalized touch to your bedroom or living area. Use simple embroidery techniques to touch up you... Read More »

A row of cases is 6 cases high and 7 cases long one of the stacks has only 5 cases in it how many cases are in the row?

How to Remove Oil From Pillow Cases?

It is not uncommon for pillowcases to become stained with oil. Oil stains on pillowcases typically present themselves as a yellow or light brown color. These stains are caused by the oils that are ... Read More »