How to Make Straw Flowers?

Answer Create your own flower decorations for cards, craft projects or even to sew onto curtains for a lively spring look using colored craft straw to make blossoming flowers. The smooth, colored straw us... Read More »

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How to Make a Bouquet of Colourful Flowers out of Plain White Flowers?

This article shows you how to make beautiful and vibrant coloured flowers out of boring plain white flowers.

What is the name for mixing flowers to make different flowers?

The term for mixing flowers to create new varieties of flowers is "hybridization." By combining the genes of different parents, a gardener can improve a plant's appearance or its ability to resist ... Read More »

How to Make a Straw Bow?

Are you planning to have a bow to play with. Making a straw bow is very easy. Children love playing with it during dussehra or diwali. It's an interesting plaything with no money required to make it.

How to Make Catapult out of a Straw?

Want to throw stuff using a straw and some paperclips? Well here ya go...