How to Make Stick-On Stripes Stay on Your Car?

Answer Racing stripes often are applied to sports vehicles. Racing stripes can be painted on or, to save money, you can install stick-on stripes. Before applying the stick-on stripes, place the stripes on... Read More »

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How do you get a stick-on tattoo to stay on longer?

Baby oil after you place the tattoo on. and Try not to scrub or get the tattoo wet.

How do I make non-stick pans non-stick again?

Prepping the PanPlace the pan on the stove with nothing inside. Turn the stove on high and heat the pan so hot that it begins to smoke. Pour enough course sea salt into the pan that the entire surf... Read More »

How does Colgate make my toothpaste come out in stripes?…Go to this link, there are videos here that show you the secret of striped toothpaste being made.

How to Make Coon Stripes Without Tape?

Everyone knows how to put coon striped in their hair with tape... problem is, it usually doesn't work, unless you want to choke your hair to death with the tape. This is an easier, alternative meth... Read More »