How to Make Stick-On Stripes Stay on Your Car?

Answer Racing stripes often are applied to sports vehicles. Racing stripes can be painted on or, to save money, you can install stick-on stripes. Before applying the stick-on stripes, place the stripes on... Read More »

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How to Make Mascara Coon Stripes in Your Hair?

So, your parents won't let you dye your hair but you really want a coon tail or a few? Just follow these instructions to make a washable coon tail.

How do you get a stick-on tattoo to stay on longer?

Baby oil after you place the tattoo on. and Try not to scrub or get the tattoo wet.

How to Make Your Own Stick Comic?

Comics have been entertaining people for over a hundred years. Though the more visually impressive comics can take a skilled artist all day to produce, all that is required to make a successful sti... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Stick Men Movie?

Sometimes animation can be entertaining when it is stripped down to its basics. Animations made with nothing more than stick men are a prime example. There's something inherently funny about comple... Read More »