How to Make Specific Noises With a Didgeridoo?

Answer The didgeridoo is a North Australian Aborigine instrument formed out of wood that has been hollowed out by termites. To make specific noises with a didgeridoo, you must learn how to circular breath... Read More »

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Why does my computer make loud noises and whurring noises?

This is not hard to do, and opening the computer is not a big deal. Here's what you do:1. Go buy a can or two of compressed air. Wal-Mart and other stores carry them.2. Remove the outer cover of yo... Read More »

How to Make a Didgeridoo out of PVC Pipe?

A didgeridoo is a simple but fun instrument that you can make out of plastic pipe.

My tv makes noises like creaking noises all night?

How to Play the Didgeridoo?

The didgeridoo is an instrument from Australia that is easy to start learning, but offers a way to bring some eclectic world flavor into your music life.