How to Make Something Out of My Life?

Answer Everyone has a different definition of a good life, but the same desire to have a good life. Wanting to make something out of your life is natural and beneficial. It prompts you to discover and dev... Read More »

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How to Achieve Something in Life?

Achieving something in life requires identifying important life goals, creating a plan of action and staying motivated as you work towards fulfilling your goals. Goal achievement involves clarity o... Read More »

How to Embark on Something New in Life?

We often set out to accomplish many things in life and find we fail miserably. We spontaneously decide what we want to do and haphazardly pursue it. Like everything else spontaneously deciding to d... Read More »

How to Make a Something Old from Something New Ring?

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Just something for you pro-life and pro-choice individuals to think about...?

Yeah I have seen it but it's chock full of emotional, anti-choice propaganda which means it's useless in the abortion debate. Now that I watched your vid, watch mine. Abortion: There is a Consensus... Read More »